Self Remembering

In the Gurdjieff teachings, “Self Remembering” is surely one of the core foundational teachings and principles.  Self Remembering are the moments, the consciousness, when we remember that we are more than just our bodies, minds, emotions, identity/egos etc..  For in  the moments of Self Remembering we are connected to The Big Picture of life, the Cosmos, and The G!dly Reality that runs through all, of which we are just a part.

My feeling is that the Mitzvot, and particularly the Brachot of the Jewish practice, are tools for Self Remembering.  They can help us to pause and remember The Big Picture during our fast paced days which are often filled with mechanical movement.  They present us with specific moments during the day which allow us to stop and re-connect to the core of our being and the Source of It All.

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