Purim in Hiding

Wow… Purim is coming up!

Purim is a time of the hidden, the secret, the time when things look like they are going one way and in the end turn out to be the opposite.  I think this is a good metaphor for our lives, in general and particular.  In our personal lives we might be faced with a situation that looks bad, let’s say we just lost our job, but then surprisingly this becomes the catalyst for the unfolding of something much greater.  Or take it from the general sense, a world event takes place that seems to be horrific, which shortly after creates a radical movement of which likes the planet has never seen.

The entire Purim story is based around these hidden miracles, first off – Esther – the character for which the megilla is named, means “hidden” in hebrew.  Second, throughout this story things seem to be going one way and then dramatically make a 180, Haman thinks the king wants to reward him, when in fact he wants to reward his arch enemy, Mordichai.  It looks like the Jews are doomed to be slaughtered, when in the end their leader becomes the kings right-hand man.  Haman builds a gallows for Mordichai, only to be hung on it himself.

Surprisingly, Purim is considered one of the most important holidays for the Jewish people, not Rosh Hashan or Pessach – It says in  Midrash Mishle, Chapter 9 “All the holy days will be betelim (nullified) in the future except Purim and Yom haKippurim.”   So why this major importance?  I think it’s because Purim is a metaphor for this whole world, this whole reality we call life, or olam hazeh.

From the outside, life looks like it’s riddled with pain and suffering, like evil and darkness are in power, as if there is no hope or reward for the righteous, only doom and gloom –  But in the heart of Reality, behind the scenes, we see that there is a hidden Plan, a cosmic movement/evolution taking place.  Evil – Haman – thinks it’s in control, but in the end it is only leading the way to more freedom and enlightened times.

Another example, the world seems to be one of duality – there’s me and there’s you, good and evil – but when we look at things from an energetic or scientific standpoint we see that it’s all One, life is just energy moving from one place to another.

This is such a fundamentally crucial teaching for life that it only makes sense that Purim should be given such importance in the eyes of the Jewish people.  Life is One, Hashem Echad, this is our deepest and truest reality and teaching to the world.  At times it may seem dark and hopeless, but really it’s all good… It’s all G!d.  So don’t freak out, Bliss out!!

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