Demystifying Prophecy

It’s been my feeling for some time now that there’s this taboo around prophecy and a certain understanding about prophecy that places it at the hands and mouths of the few enlightened, those struck by the Spirit of G!d.  Well, with the help of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and several others, I’ve come to another understanding of prophecy… one that makes it more accessible to the people of our generation.  According to this understanding prophecy  is connecting deeply to the past, where we came from – where creation came from – where humans and Jews came from, connecting to the future, where we are going both individually and collectively – as Jews and humans, the future of this world, and connecting to this present moment in time along that unfolding process of evolution.  By doing this, the “prophet” can see clearly the steps that are most pressingly needed to be taken individually, in ones community, religion, society and the world at large.  All this takes is 1. concentration and meditation on the past and the origins of life and existence.  2. deep contemplation of history/evolution up to this moment.   3. visioning into the future as it is proceeding at this time, and into the Ultimate future (olam habah) that has been set up for us by G!d, and most importantly 4. what we need to do/change to help co-create this Ultimate future… Because it’s up to us, the future is in our hands, that’s how G!d set it up.

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