Purposes of Prayer

At this moment two distinct purposes of prayer are coming to mind… Birthed from the question… “What is the point of praying to G!d?”  Now when i speak of prayer i am addressing both formal (from the siddur/prayer book) and informal prayer.

So, prayer type number 1:  This prayer is about coming from a place of feeling deep separation from G!d… An overwhelming sense of lack… The feeling of longing to be close and unite with the Oneness and Peace of the Creator… In these moments we are crying out to G!d with tremendous urgency… “G!d, Lord, Hashem!  Please bring me into your Presence!  Let me feel You and know You and serve You now!  I’m lost and need Your guidance… Bring me out of this state of illusory separateness and darkness… Bring me into Your Light!”  This is a “kav s’mol prayer”.

The other type of prayer is a non-dual prayer, a “kav y’min prayer”… It is coming from the place of, “There is nothing but you Lord, Hashem Echad… I stand in Your Presence and bask in Your Glory… I am in the Garden of Eden now, in this moment… Thank You!!”  This is a prayer of fullness.

It should be noted that it is not necessary  to feel the fullness of the 2nd type (kav y’min) of prayer when engaging in this prayer… It’s more about the Faith and Knowledge that this is true, namely, There is no real separation, G!d is One, All is G!d.  If one is able to stand and pray from this place of Faith, then one is able to pray the kav y’min prayer and thereby bring that truth and sense of fullness into the reality of this physical moment.

Though with the first type of prayer (kav s’mol) it is utterly necessary to feel disconnected from G!d, and to tap into the pain of this feeling.

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