Journal 1, entry 669

Journal 1, entry 669

Sometimes there is a great leader but the generation is not rectified, and other times the opposite is true, the leader is less great but the generation is rectified. The generation of Shlomo was greater that Moshe’s, but this higher level was not because of the generation itself, but rather because of the general Order of the Universe, and according to the Order of the Universe, everything then was rectified – ‘the Moon was Full in the days of Shlomo’.

However, there is a sweetening of the Universe from the perspective of the inside; and a sweeting of the Universe from the perspective of the outside. In general, from the perspective of the outside, since the Destruction (of the Temple) each day is more cursed than the day before it; but from the perspective of the inside, the world continues to become more and more sweetened.

And the Heels of the Messiah is a state of a fallen outside, and a sweetened inside, that is why it brings about the Light of Messiah with which everything will be filled – even the sweetening of the outside – because when the inside is sweetened, it is very easy to sweeten the outside.

The Masters of the Secrets have to let the world know that its descent is only external, because on the inside everything is ascending and is being greatly illuminated, and the crux of souls is that they are great – and even in the Chutzpah there is greatness and holiness – ‘and when affliction comes like a river, the spirit of God lifts it high (or makes it miraculous’, Isaiah 59: 19).

Teshuva in this time is always a higher teshuva – a teshuva from love – where intentional sins become complete merits. Sins are unable to harm as much as in the earlier generations, because there has been so much sweetening of the Universe, and because of the abundance of mercies and kindnesses that radiate in it.

And the tzadikim in the generation can draw down an influx of such great Chesed that it can completely erase all the sins of the generation and transform them to actual merits, even without a revealed teshuva from the side of the generation, but rather through the teshuva that is in the minds of the tzadikim alone. Because they do teshuva for the entire generation, and in their thoughts they connect themselves to all the souls of the generation, so that all the souls are connected to them and all become complete and refined.

The external shine they were lacking is attained immediately – from the radiance of the light that is in the souls of the tzadikim – which was impossible to achieve at the time that the inner sweetening was lacking.

Translation by David Friedman

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