Journal entry 566

Journal entry 566: The true Tzadik (righteous person) – all his desires are are for the true G.dly devekut (attachment/merging/union) – which rises above ideas and thoughts and is exalted above all bounded and limited aspirations. For when his/her soul is oppressed by holding back this mighty longing when dealing with finite matters that to him/her are mundane… This pain is felt by a very many worlds, and many souls beyond count suffer from his/her inner pain. And afterwards when the gates of light open and he/she returns with teshuva (repentance/spiritual return to G.d) from love, and the light of the joy of ruach hakodesh (holy spirit/divine influx/type of enlightenment) shines and sparkles upon him/her – then, with a very loud voice of exalting in eternal joy, many souls are raised up out of their deaths and many worlds with their heavens and earths are filled with might and joy. When the righteous are in abundance the nation is happy.

Translation by David Friedman

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