Journal entry 573

Journal entry 573:

Because peoples minds are too “small” to encompass the general principles of the various opinions and world views and – the breadth that unifies them – (because of this) all the different generations and groups repeat and revolve around their specific point of view as being the most powerful spiritual perspective, and each one imagines that there’s no hope to build up their perspective (and retroactively the progress of the world) without the extinction of all other perspectives that are not in line with it.

And it does not expand the mind to say, “the entire world is reflected in just one view point”… rather it (each view) is only one part of it (the whole) and (in truth) every part is needed and (integrally) makes up the whole building. And the (energy of) contradiction doesn’t come from the side of positivity of perspectives, but from the side of negativity, the side that negates; it is the side of the stumbling arrogance of, “I rule and nothing else”, that each of these perspectives took (and continue to take) in their time and sphere.

Translation by David Friedman

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