Journal entry 575

Journal entry 575: “The True Holy Tzadik (righteous person) unifies within him/herself all the opposites, and all the good that is scattered throughout the world. Where in the small minded reality each one contradicts his friend, for when they come to stand together in meeting, in one vessel, he/she (Tzadik) unites them with his/her great, broad, and encompassing strength, because he/she is always raising his/her thoughts and will to the supernal spiritual world, where there are no constrictions, and everything is able to enter, and automatically all the good is able to gather there. And he/she acts with Supernal strength, so that the good which is scattered in all the individuals of Israel, and in all this world, and in all of the worlds are gathered there together. And in this attribute (of the Tzadik) there are levels without end , and the Tzadik who is more supernal emabraces a breadthe that is more encompassing, and there is no constriction of judgement in it because it is filled with kindness and much mercy, and he/she truly desires the good of all, and loves the merits of all the peoples, and hates their evil acts. However, the world is unable to recognize the attributes of this Tzadik, and every Supernal Tzadik must clothe (hide) his/her Supernal Righteousness in many clothes, for only after they diminish the Light can the people enjoy it.”

Translation by David Friedman

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