Pinkas 13, page 63, #79

Pinkas 13, page 63, #79

In the generations when humanity was young, mankind in general had “small” minds; (And) The excellent ones were giants in order to raise up the coarse masses. The more time that passes, the more knowledge spreads to the masses. And because of this the excellent ones become smaller.

This is because Perfection is always balancing and equating these two forces (the individual and the collective). There is an attribute that is set down by the Supernal Providence for the Perfection of Humanity and it (mankind) is being led according to Its Ways.

Therefore when mankind was young the individual had to be raised up in excellence, but as the value of the masses increases and is raised up so too the value of the excellent ones is leveled off and equated until mankind in general will be completely uplifted and will be on the level of, “a man will not teach his brother nor his fellow to know God because they will all know me from young to old” (Jeremiah 31).

Translation by David Friedman

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