It’s not what you do… it’s how you do it

It’s not what you do… it’s how you do it

The society we live i is so focused on the outside… what you do in the outside world. “What do you do?” What’s your profession?.

I’ve come to see, once again, that it is not what you do in the outside world that matters, but how you do it.

Now before you jump on my back and tell me how what you do in the world is so important, whether you work for a corporation that is destroying the earth or taking advantage of human beings to gain more power, or you work for “Greenpeace”. Let me say, yes of course i agree with you it matters what you do… on these terms.

But, allow me to continue with the main thesis here… For the audience i am addressing is one that has within it and outside of it the highest ideals for humanity and the world. And when you truly look at it from these eyes… it’s all about how you do what you do. For example: you could be working for a very righteous non-profit with high ideals for helping the world, and at the same time you may be in a space/energy of total aggression. Or you may be a janitor or flipping burgers, but be in a space/energy of total love and open hearted conscious presence. Now in this case it matters so much how you are doing what you are doing and not just what you are doing.

Because the way in which i affect the world the most is through my own Being, for i am the world, and the only part of the world i am truly responsible for is myself. We live in a world where we think that if only things outside were different, if only i could do this or change this thing in the outside world we could have peace and harmony and evolve to the next faze of our existence.

Listen, there was a lot that needed to be done in the world outside and there still is, but the biggest change that needs to occur now is inside ourselves…. how we are being in the world… how we walk down the street, buy a carton of milk, how we see the world and other humans around us. For all the infinite things that need to be done in this world, the most important thing is how you do them.

People with high ideals, spiritual aspirations, often ask themselves, “What can i do to make this world a better place? What am i here to do?” What i have found is that this question comes from the mind and/or the ego, and the mind/ego can only answer it within its capabilities, with its own resources, and when we ask this question we are looking for an answer higher than the mind/ego can give us.

So, what i’ve found is that when i focus on my being, how i am living in the world, my inner state of affairs, and i begin to connect to The Source of it all, automatically the answer for what to do is clear. The answer comes from that higher Source because i am tapped into and aligned with that Higher Source… it just flows, cause i’m in the flow. And that is what i am suggesting we all need to do, to get in to the flow that is beyond us, beyond our egos and beyond what our limited minds can show us, and from this place we’ll be shown what needs to happen and how to do it.

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