Just remember what you are

Just remember what you are

“Q: Must one not be fit and eligible for realization? Our nature is animal to the core. Unless it is conquered, how can we hope for reality to dawn?

M:Leave the animal alone. Let it be. Just remember what you are. Use every incident of the day to remind you that without you as the witness there would be neither animal nor God. Understand that you are both, the essence and the substance of all there is, and remain firm in your understanding.

Q: Obviously I am not all pervading and eternal. I am only here and now.

M: Good enough. The ‘here’ is everywhere and the now – always. Go beyond ‘I-am-the-body’ idea and you will find that space and time are in you and not you in space and time. Once you have understood this, the main obstacle to realization is removed.” (I Am That – Nisargadatta Maharaj)

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