The Footsteps of the Messiah… Can you hear them?

The Footsteps of the Messiah… Can you hear them?

What are the footsteps of the Messiah? They are the sound of the coming redemption or awakening. What is this awakening? When we start waking up to what we are… To the One-ness of all existence… To the Bigger picture of Evolution that we are all a part of. When we see with clarity that we are G.d unfolding. The challenge we are all faced with is to see this bigger picture Reality through the lens of our smaller picture personal lives.

Personally i can hear the footsteps as the Bigger Awakening approaches. i especially see this through the work of the Global Integral Movement. Where Science, which to some degree has taken the place of G.d for many people, is now coming to the awareness that we are all a part of this awesome Cosmic Unfolding that started some 14 billion years ago with a spark or blast of energy that eventually gave birth to you and I.

Now when we see this… when we see where we came from, what birthed our planet and the life upon it, we start coming closer to our true nature, to our true selves, and our true purpose for being here. We start to see WHAT WE ARE. And this awareness is the greatest feeling of Being we can have… It is Being G.d, breathing as G.d, seeing and living as G.d… as G.d unfolding, The One-ness of all reality unfolding in us, as us. You could see it as liberating the G.d within, or waking up the hibernating G.d nature within us, which is us. This IS our true nature… It IS what we are. And this is what we are all waking up to now.

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