Chatzivah and Chakikah – Albotini

“[Rabbi Yehud] Albotini also expands on Abulafia’s discussion of hewing (chatzivah) and engraving
(chakikah), mentioned in the Sefer Yetzirah. When a person reaches a high meditative
level, “the mind is no longer concealed in the prison of the physical faculties, and it
emerges… entering the spiritual domain.” In this domain, the individual may see various
visions or letter combinations, and the connotation of hewing is that he “splits” and
analyzes these visions while still in a meditative state. Engraving then implies that he
“engraves” these revelations in his soul so that they are never forgotten.”  -Meditation and Kabbalah, Aryeh Kaplan

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