Tantra – Struggle is the Essence of Life

“Tantra is more than just a collection of meditation yoga techniques.  There is a particular world view associated with it.  According to Tantra, struggle is the essence of life.  The effort to struggle against all obstacles and move from the imperfect to the perfect is the true spirit of Tantra.

In this movement from imperfection to perfection, there are three basic stages an individual passes through.  In the first stage, the person is dominated by animal instincts, but in the next stage he or she gains control over these instincts and reaches the state of true human development.  Finally, by constant struggle and effort, a state is reached where the human being becomes godlike.  Tantra thus has an optimistic worldview.  It shows how each individual is moving in a cosmic circle from a state of less developed consciousness to the most highly developed status.”  -The Wisdom of Yoga, Ac Vedaprajinananda Avadhuta

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