A School for Social Prophets

Beginning as a one week program held in Tsfat, Israel, youth from the ages of 18-27  will learn about the basics of Kabbalah, and how to use these teachings to understand how to act in the world and how to create the future they and the Kabbalah envision.  A School for Prophets is designed to re-enliven and de-mystify the tradition of prophecy by breaking down the process into an easy to understand set of actions or thought processes that bring about a deeper revelation of the present moment in relation to the past and the possible future.  Designed to inspire “Spiritual Activism” this one week course will plant seeds for clear cut actions that can be followed through to fruition by each of the participants who’s desires are for social and spiritual evolution.

During the course we’ll explore history through “The Eyes of G!d”, create a current map of the world based on ‘Spiral Dynamics’, and together figure out what are our priorities of action as Jewish spiritual activists; all this while maintaining a peaceful grounded connection to kav y’min, the Ultimate Reality of Perfection.

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