The Brachot

This page is under construction… More soon to come.

Brachot are formulas we say throughout the day that serve as tools for re-awakening, re-aligning with our soul and soul’s purpose, and/or “self remembering”*

*see link to Gurdjieff “self remembering”

Al N’tilat Yad’ayim

Asher Yatzar

Borei P’ri Ha’etz

Borei P’ri Ha’adama

Borei M’nei Mizonot

She’hakol N’hiyeh B’dvaro

Borei P’ri Hagafen

After Brachot

Ha’motzei Lechem Min Ha’aretz

Birkat Hamazon

Sheh Hechianu V’kiamanu V’higianu Lazman Ha’zeh

Oseh Ma’aseh B’reshit

Sheh Cochoh U’gevurato Maleh Olam

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