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The “Psychic Being”

The “Psychic Being” is a term used by Sri Aurobindo to describe a will inside of us, a force or director of our actions, an entity that can be built and can begin to guide our lives.   This psychic being is closely related to the idea of a personal soul.  It is my opinion that the psychic being is also related to what Gurdjieff calls the “soul” and to our ability to “do” in this world.

It is clearly taught and understood in the Gurdjieff path that man as she is, cannot “do”, that man as she is, is a machine, that man is not born with a soul, but has the ability to grow one through self work… And man only thinks that she has will and can do but in fact the opposite is true, man is asleep, has no will and cannot “do”.

To truly understand this one has to look a little deeper into one’s life, observe one’s self and others and see what Gurdjieff is pointing to… And in fact there is a current scientific theory called Materialism that hold the same to be true, “…[A] materialist thinker who argues that there really is no you in you at all, that consciousness, soul, spirit, and free will are merely illusions bolstered by folklore.” (The Spiritual Brain, Mario Beauregard &Denyse O’Leary).  The difference is that Gurdjieff believed that one could grow a “soul”, could grow a “will”… This “will” and “soul” are what Sri Aurobindo calls the psychic being, and without it spiritual practice is merely a mind game.

The beginning of the spiritual path is seeing that one is not free, that one has no real will and is only acted upon by nature, a slave to genes/biology and conditioning (as the Materialists state); after this one learns how to develop will, to grow one’s psychic being through spiritual practice, and eventually have this psychic being as the sole director/driver of your body-ego-vehicle.  Bellow is a quote from Sri Aurobindo more clearly describing the psychic being.

“The psychic part of us is something that comes directly from the Divine and is in touch with the Divine.  In its origin it is the nucleus pregnant with the divine possibilities that supports this lower triple manifestation of mind, life, and body.  There is the divine element in all living beings, but it stands hidden behind the ordinary consciousness, is not at first developed and, eve when developed, is not always or often in front; it expresses itself, so far as the imperfection of the instruments allows, by their means and under their limitations.  It grows in the consciousness by Godward experience, gaining strength every time there is a movement in us, and finally, by the accumulation of these deeper and higher movements, there is developed a psychic individuality, — that which we call usually the psychic being.  It is always this psychic being that is real, though often the secret cause of man’s turning to the spiritual life and his greatest help in it.  It is therefor that which we have to bring from behind to the front in yoga.” -Sri Aurobindo

And Yes, You Must Make Yourself Small

“In meditative prayer, a word on a page or in our mind’s eye can be used as a visual
meditation. A word in our throats and mouths can be used as a vibrational meditation. On a
subtler level, the breath we use to sound a word can become a gate into the inner reality of
God’s presence. Never despair of entering this gate. All that is required is to slow down.

And yes, you must make yourself small. You must give up the little me that clings to the
familiar and is afraid of going beyond me. You must give up thinking that you know. Allow the
awareness of eternity to penetrate into your consciousness. Stand in its mystery. Stand in the
mystery of God’s eternal reality that is only hidden but never absent. Admit and stand in the
mystery of your own existence. Do not let mundane thoughts distract you. Declare your desire
to serve Hashem, to cling to Him, to remain in His presence forever. Fear not that you will be
unable to return to the little me again. It will happen soon enough. In the meantime, while you
are in this sacred space, ask for wisdom and understanding, ask for forgiveness and blessing,
ask for love and mercy. Ask for redemption—for yourself, your people, mankind, and all
creation. Ask to take the light of this moment-in-eternity into your life.

You will then not only yearn for such moments, but discover the secret of inducing them. This
is what awakening from below is all about. By immersing yourself in holy words of prayer, you
become a vessel for Godliness, a conduit of Hashem’s light. Such that even when you are not
in prayer, by simply contemplating the reality of Hashem’s infinite oneness, you draw its
precious light into yourself.

In truth there is no end in the service of Hashem. It is an infinite dance in which we enter more
deeply into the holy of holies of our being each time in order to bring back greater and greater
awareness of His presence in all spheres of our life. Even when we attain a higher or more
expanded level of consciousness, we must never become heady about it, for it is merely a
stepping stone on an endless journey to Ein Sof. It may be a higher level relative to anything experienced so far, but it is extremely rudimentary relative to what is presently beyond our
reach. Let us therefore humbly acknowledge our smallness and ask for Hashem’s help. This is
the meaning of “Min hametzar karati Yah; anani bamerchav Yah—from my constricted straits I
called out to God; God answered me [by bringing me forth] into expansiveness” (Psalm 118:5).
In other words, after experiencing the joy of coming close to the Blessed One in our prayers
and in our service, if we realize that even our highest attainments are inadequate and
immature relative to that which is presently beyond us, then Hashem will surely bring us
closer. On the other hand, if we think we know it all and become insensitive to His helping
hand, it is only our loss.”

-Realizing The Unity, Avraham Sutton

Working on Behalf of Our Fellow Man

“…The commandments of the Torah are the basic building blocks for perfecting human society, for the prat (individual) and the clal (collective).

The Torah is replete with commandments aimed at helping us overcome the inner inertia or
natural selfishness that prevents us from actively working on behalf of our fellow man. For
this reason they are directed precisely at those areas of human activity where our sense of
good and right comes face to face with own own selfish interests. For example:
“If there be among you a poor man…do not harden your heart or shut your hand
against your needy brother. Open your hand to him generously (patoach tiftach), lend
him and lend him again (haavet taavitenu) sufficiently for all his needs” (Deuteronomy 15:7-
8). “Give him again and again (naton titen)…Open your hand generously to your poor
and destitute brother” (ibid. 15:10-11). “And when you set him free, do not send him away
empty-handed…You shall provide for him liberally (haanek taanik) from your flock, your
barn, and your winepress, so that he shall have a share of all the things through which
Hashem has blessed you” (ibid. 15:13-14). Hashem blesses man with tremendous bounty,
but for what purpose? The Torah declares, “So that there shall be no destitute person
among you. For Hashem wishes to bless and bless you again (barekh yebarekh)” (ibid.

Every one of these verses contains a double verb-form (open-open, lend-lend, give-give,
bless-bless) to emphasize the importance of overcoming whatever rationalizations we might
make in order to extricate ourselves from these basic social regulations. But more than this,
the Torah expresses here the most profound truths, that by giving, especially when we feel
completely exempt from any involvement, we create a loving society.

These endeavors are preparations for true communion with God. The greatest human
beings who ever lived—the prophets themselves—were all involved in raising the
consciousness-level of their generation. And they didn’t do this by separating themselves
from their people—certainly not for long periods of time. All were involved in every aspect of
their people’s lives. They communed with God at night, or whenever they were alone, or
even when they weren’t alone—for God was the center of their lives, and their
consciousness of Him was intense and ecstatic. Nevertheless, they understood that it is just
as important to be like God—that is, to emulate Him by caring for His creations—as it is to
be with Him by leaving society and going into spiritual seclusion.”

-Realizing The Unity, Avraham Sutton

Ones place in evolution

Ones place in evolution

When one realizes ones place in the Big Picture of Evolution… There is a freedom, a liberation that opens up… a clarity, a sense of purpose and peace.
Have any of you experienced this?
If so, when and where? What were you doing? How did it affect you, and how is it still present in your life?

The Footsteps of the Messiah… Can you hear them?

The Footsteps of the Messiah… Can you hear them?

What are the footsteps of the Messiah? They are the sound of the coming redemption or awakening. What is this awakening? When we start waking up to what we are… To the One-ness of all existence… To the Bigger picture of Evolution that we are all a part of. When we see with clarity that we are G.d unfolding. The challenge we are all faced with is to see this bigger picture Reality through the lens of our smaller picture personal lives.

Personally i can hear the footsteps as the Bigger Awakening approaches. i especially see this through the work of the Global Integral Movement. Where Science, which to some degree has taken the place of G.d for many people, is now coming to the awareness that we are all a part of this awesome Cosmic Unfolding that started some 14 billion years ago with a spark or blast of energy that eventually gave birth to you and I.

Now when we see this… when we see where we came from, what birthed our planet and the life upon it, we start coming closer to our true nature, to our true selves, and our true purpose for being here. We start to see WHAT WE ARE. And this awareness is the greatest feeling of Being we can have… It is Being G.d, breathing as G.d, seeing and living as G.d… as G.d unfolding, The One-ness of all reality unfolding in us, as us. You could see it as liberating the G.d within, or waking up the hibernating G.d nature within us, which is us. This IS our true nature… It IS what we are. And this is what we are all waking up to now.

Knowing the Truth

Knowing the truth

“Do not try to know the truth, for knowledge by the mind is not true knowledge. But you can know what is not true -which is enough to liberate you from the false. The idea that you know what is true is dangerous, for it keeps you imprisoned in the mind. It is when you do not know that you are free to investigate. And there can be no salvation without investigation because non-investigation is the main cause of bondage.” (I Am That, Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Demystifying Prophecy

It’s been my feeling for some time now that there’s this taboo around prophecy and a certain understanding about prophecy that places it at the hands and mouths of the few enlightened, those struck by the Spirit of G!d.  Well, with the help of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and several others, I’ve come to another understanding of prophecy… one that makes it more accessible to the people of our generation.  According to this understanding prophecy  is connecting deeply to the past, where we came from – where creation came from – where humans and Jews came from, connecting to the future, where we are going both individually and collectively – as Jews and humans, the future of this world, and connecting to this present moment in time along that unfolding process of evolution.  By doing this, the “prophet” can see clearly the steps that are most pressingly needed to be taken individually, in ones community, religion, society and the world at large.  All this takes is 1. concentration and meditation on the past and the origins of life and existence.  2. deep contemplation of history/evolution up to this moment.   3. visioning into the future as it is proceeding at this time, and into the Ultimate future (olam habah) that has been set up for us by G!d, and most importantly 4. what we need to do/change to help co-create this Ultimate future… Because it’s up to us, the future is in our hands, that’s how G!d set it up.