The Jewish Holydays are special times during the year that direct us toward a particular spiritual focus for inner work.

Regarding the Holidays The Ramchal wrote:

“The level of each festival depends on the quality of the divine influx and the power of the
light that shone on it (when it first occurred)… On each of these special days, something
happened whereby at this time a great tikun (rectification) was accomplished and a
great [spiritual] illumination shone. The Highest Wisdom decreed that, on every
anniversary of these days, a complement of their original illumination should shine forth,
and the results of its rectification renewed to those who celebrate it. Thus, we are
commanded to observe Pesach with all its rituals to recall the Exodus. At the time of the
Exodus, we experienced an extremely powerful rectification. It is for this reason that, on
the anniversary of this event every year, a Light shines forth that parallels the one that
illuminated us then…” (Derekh Hashem 4:7:6)
Translated and noted by Avraham Sutton

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