“Jewish” Awakening

The path of ‘Jewish Awakening’ has been mapped out by several teachers; I will go into these different maps at a future time, but for now I will give a basic description of the ‘states of awakening’.  In Judaism, just as in all the other esoteric traditions, one of the main points of the spiritual path is to merge with The Divine.  In Yehadut this is called D’vekut, literally to attach or stick to, and is repeatedly discussed throughout the Kabbalah.  This attachment or union with G!d – d’vekut – is comparable to the meaning of the word “yoga”, which literally means “yolk”, to yolk ones self to the Divine.

The path to d’vekut is a difficult one (even though – or perhaps because of – its simplicity), and is just one state and/or practice of consciousness along the path of Jewish awakening.  Other states/practices include: hishtavut – equanimity, hitbodedut – meditation/seclusion/speaking with G!d, bitul – self nullification, ruach hakodesh – divine inspiration, and nivuah – prophecy.  Plus it should be noted that according to many teachers initial more gross physical, mental, and emotional work/purification must be done before attaining a solid state of d’vekut.

These will all be discussed at length throughout this site.

But basically the Jewish path of awakening is one of union with The Divine, going up to the Absolute realm (sephira of Keter) and drawing that consciousness down into our bodies and daily/family lives (sephira of malchut).  We are here to Unite with The Divine Will by getting our ego’s out of the way (with the help of the above mentioned states/practices) and become conscious co-creators with G!d, realizing there is nothing else happening here other than the unfolding of G!d’s Plan… Which in the end is just to bless us with the most epic, unthinkable, unknowable, infinitely blissful realization of G!d/The Universes Oneness.

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