Kav Y’min and Kav S’mol

There’s a teaching from the Kabbalah about the 2 lines… Kav Y’min and Kav S’mol… This teaching is super deep and an essential foundation for transformation and movement in this world.  The teaching is thus:  Kav Y’min is the “right line” and represents the place of purity and perfection – the Absolute Reality  that exists beneath the everyday reality of planet earth –  It is the Source of this world and therefor is encompassed by it.  Kav S’mol is the relative reality of everyday life, of identity, the so called “real world”.  Kav S’mol is also the realm of tikkun – fixing/repair – the world where there’s alot to do and it’s all up to us to do it, the world of action and activism.

The secret to this teaching is: All that really exists is Kav Y’min and it’s our biggest spiritual challenge to realize this and live from this place… Because what we know and what we are told is the exact opposite, and this is due to living in a world/society based around the body and the identity.  We relate to the world through these bodies, this matter animated with life and consciousness, and from the day we’re born (or 7 days later) we’re given a name and told this is who we are.  The whole everyday world of Kav S’mol tells us that who you are and what you do here is the most important thing.  The US and other western societies in particular focus on and promote this through their slogans of “welcome to the real world” and by emphasizing occupation over everything else.  One of the first questions out of the mouth of a person from western society upon meeting someone else  is, “what do you do?”  Doing is praised over being. On the other hand, the Real World is actually the opposite, and it’s the realm of what we call, “the soul”.  It’s that place above and beyond time and space, it’s the place where we connect to the vastness of this Universe and see that we, and all we hold important to us, is nothing but a molecule of Universe dust.  It’s the cosmic reality check.

Now that’s not to mean that we give up on or abandon this world, just the opposite, when we see it for what it is we can participate in it with honesty, integrity, truth and love.  Another key factor in this teaching is the balance between these two kavim (lines), that while simultaneously both exist and both are true, in order to function productively and access our highest potential as human beings, we must act – live, breathe, eat, speak, etc. –  in this world (Kav S’mol) from a place of being totally grounded in Kav Y’min.  And this is the souls challenge of living in a body of earth on Earth.  The soul (or consciousness) must strive to dwell in the perfection of The Absolute while living, acting in and transforming this world (olam ha’zeh) with the utmost respect and justice.  For this world is a reflection of the Divine Absolute Reality.

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