The practice of “meditation” can be understood an many ways.  For most it represents a picture of sitting straight-backed and cross-legged without moving for some period of time.   There is a Jewish tradition for meditation, and it looks a bit different this… We’ll get into the specifics of ‘Jewish Meditation’ in upcoming posts, but the main idea I’d like to bring out here is that ‘meditation’ encompasses many different practices, from sitting in awareness, to focusing on divine names, to gazing at a flame, to pronouncing divine names, to walking or eating consciously, to journeying out into the cosmos or into the Tree of Life, to many more practices… yet they all share the same root –  to help us connect to The G!d Reality (the Reality of Spirit that is the foundation of the “mundane” physical world/reality), and our ‘souls’ (the part or consciousness in us that is aware of this said Reality and at all times linked with IT).

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