Shabbat, the seventh day of the week, the Day of Rest, also know as Shabbes… though I prefer to call it Shabliss.  Shabliss is a time to let go of all thought, to utterly rest in the Shechina, Divine Presence.  It’s the time when we stop all the outside activities, shut off our phones and computers… and just bliss out!  We go inside, into prayer and meditation, and then we eat, more like… we feast!  Shabliss is the time to do super mindful eating, the day to really get into our food, to take each bite slowly, deeply tasting this holy sustenance we’ve been blessed with.  Mindful eating is an important practice in Yehdut all together, but during the fast paced week, it’s sometimes hard to stop and take the time to consciously eat, but on Shabliss we’ve got nothing else to do, and in fact it is a commandment!

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