Shavuot is the time when we re-receive the Torah for ourselves… our individual Torahs.  The time leading up to this event is called the Sphirat Ha’Omer; it’s a 7 week period starting the 2nd night of Pesach and culminating on Shavuot.  Each night we say a brachah and count the number of that night and the corresponding sphirah, starting with one (chesed of chesed) and ending with 49 (malchut of malchut).  It’s a deep time of personal purification and preparation for receiving our Torah on Shavuot.  Shavuot is a time to ask ones self, “What does the Torah mean to me?  Do I really want to receive it?  Why?  How does the Torah help me get closer to G!d?  To my self?  To fulfilling my inner and outer goals?”

Receiving the Torah is personal, and it’s active; it’s not just something we do passively every year because we’re Jewish.  Receiving the Torah newly, as new and different people each year gives us the chance to really check in with where we’re holding right now.  It gives us a chance to reevaluate what we want in life and what the Torah means to us.

The Torah is considered a Divine Book, Divinely Revealed, and therefor it can connect us with The Divine Will… The Ultimate Will that spans far beyond our limited and subjective world view… It can connect us with the Big Picture.  It can guide us in this way when we’ve truly decided to enter into the struggle of a dedicated spiritual path to Truth and Service… A path to freedom from our limited ego-identity and ego-body desires.

Shavuot also is a time to connect with the concept of mass revelation which represents an important paradigm in the Big Picture and history of our human evolution.  When the Israelites received the Torah on Mt Sinai it was the first time in human evolution that a group of people became “like one man, like one heart”, united together with the one intention, the one desire to know and serve G!d.  This is a culminating point in human evolution, the pinnacle and purpose of our creation.

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