Teshuva is the process of return, returning to The Way, returning to G!d, to Truth, to Love, to your self, to however you’d like to put it.  Teshuva is the process, which is found in all paths and traditions, of waking up.  It’s the process of Self Remembering, remembering who we are, where we came from, and what we are truly here to do.  Teshuva is the process of constant return to the path of Divine Will and Service.

  1. Does Teshuva also include asking forgiveness from ourselves and from others? Is that a part of “returning”?

    By apologizing to my Self for living in separation from my soul and asking forgiveness from others for living in separation instead of loving wholeness with them I can feel a strong and loving “returning”. Many cultures have this as a practice which essentially is the process of moving from separation back into Oneness. In Hawaiian this is called Ho’oponopono. In Judaism I believe this is what is called Teshuva. What do you think?



  2. Absolutely!
    Thank you for adding this side of it!

  3. Would the Jewish prophets see their connection between the Jewish People and other Peoples as separate but equal?

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