The ‘Geulah Paradigm’

The Geulah Paradigm’ (redemption/liberation paradigm) is the next step in the story of the Jewish Nation, and it’s a shift in consciousness from a life lived in the Galut Paradigm (exile paradigm).  It’s the movement from exile to liberation.  The Galut paradigm is the old narrative for the life of a Jew and her relationship with the Land of Israel.  It was the reality of being exiled from the land of Israel and scattered across the globe, the Diaspora.  It’s what the prophets called “she’abud malchuyot“, being subject to the rulership of other nations , and the ‘Geulah Paradigm’ is the next chapter in our collective story, what the prophets called “y’mot hamashiach” (days of the Messiah) – of which the Jews return to the land of Israel is a direct sign – and it’s happening now.

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