The Way

Halachah in hebrew means The Way… The way to what you ask?  The way to Union with G!d/d’vekut, ruach hakodesh/divine inspiration, and inevitabley nivuah/prophecy.  Halachah is a path to these higher states of consciousness; there is no “magical” value in preforming these acts in a mundane/mechanical way for the practitioner who’s interest is spiritual develpoment.  Halachot are tools for awakening, concrete practices to free us from our limited conditioned realites, by helping us to wake up in moments of sleep/daily routine and remember that we are divine creatures, in a divine reality, with a divine purpose:  namely, to wake up and embrace our G!dly nature by becoming co-creators/partners/shutafim* with The Will of G!d/Ratzon HaShem.

*see Ramchal piece, “yonati tamati tiumati”

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